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First Person Royale is a free IOgame. The game currently supports two game modes. In deathmatch, compete in a free-for-all against other players to score the highest number of kills. In team deathmatch, work with your team to achieve the highest number of collective kills.

Move: W,A,S,D Aim and Fire: Mouse and left mouse button Q: Teleport Grenades: You can choose 2 of any 3 grenades: smoke grenades, standard grenades and flash grenades.
Movement: Spend 3 points in any 3: teleportation, jumping and sprint.
You can spend 1 point in sprint for example, and 2 in teleport.
If you spend all 3 in jumping, you can jump 3 times.
Jumping does not use stamina but other things, such as teleportation and sprinting do.
The movement mechanics in are diverse.
Compete on the leaderboard or visit the in-game store to unlock skins and other cosmetics (coming soon).
You can also play private games with friends by hitting the share game link in the menu (hit M to access).

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