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FNaF Shooter



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FNaF Shooter is a thrilling first person horror game in which you have to chase down a large number of assassin robots in a deserted town, of course, by night. Five Nights at Freddy’s is a horror game in which you have to survive completely alone inside a creepy game center full of friendly looking robotic animals that will try to kill you.

Don't stay late at the supermarket! Cute funny animatronics come alive every night. They turn off the power and start hunting down the remaining visitors. You are the only one who can handle them. Animatronics are very tenacious, it is not enough to break their arm or leg, they will still haunt you. The only way to destroy them is to tear them apart. Survive and save the world from the invasion of animatronics!

How to play?

Mouse = look around.
WASD = movement.
W + Shift = run.
Space = jump.
Left mouse button = shoot.
Right mouse button (hold) = aim.
Mouse wheel = next / previous weapon.
1-7 = weapon hotkeys.
R = reload.
G = throw a grenade.

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