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Metal Black Wars



Recommended game.

Immerse yourself in the middle of the war with the help of a powerful helicopter in the game Metal Black Wars and try to resist the powerful attacks of the enemy army which has completely besieged the city.


Shoot and kill all the baddies. Bring out the best in the metal dude by giving him the spotlight he deserves. New and more powerful weapons can be purchased with the gold you gain through fighting. Dive right in and don't let yourself be left behind on this thrilling journey into the dismal world of metal man! Participate in the Metal Scene.


Wield your weapon with all your strength and shoot to kill each and every one of the enemy soldiers. You will have to unlock new and increasingly powerful weapons and invest the gold you earn in upgrading your defenses. Have a great time and immerse yourself in a fascinating action-packed adventure! Good luck...

How to play?

Movement: "AD" Keys Jump: "Space" Shoot: "J" Bomb: "K" Key Heal: "L" Reload: "R" Look Up: "W".

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