Slayerz io



Open/close doors: e Shoot: Left click Aim: Hold right mouse button Jump: Space.


Slayerz io is a free IO Game that gets right to the heart of conflict. All the politics and the red-tape is gone, in there is only you and your will to survive in a cutthroat battle to the death against other players and enemies from around the world. You might think you know IOGames and you might think you know FPS games but you don't know them like this, you don't know the heart and the soul of violent combat until you play The world of is a gritty shoot or be shot, live and let die style of arena massacre. This is a game for the hardest of the hardcore, gamers who have slaughtered their way through the rest and are ready to compete with the best. This is an iogame, so, the competition you face will not be AI bots wandering around in a haze, but rather, real live humans wandering around in a haze. In this game, you can customize your avatar, choose your weapon, sharpen your skills and jump into the arena to prove your worth, test your meddle, and become the ultimate slayer. is an online first-person shooter in the popular .io genre of gaming. Defeat your opponents; collect coins; buy cosmetics and gun skins; become number one on the leaderboard.


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