Time Shooter 3: SWAT



Time Shooter 3: SWAT is a first-person shooter where your movement affects time. It is the sequel to Time Shooter 2 and takes inspiration from the game SuperHot. Dodge enemy attacks and skillfully take down enemies using time as your ultimate weapon.

Free the hostages - smash the terrorists
Time Shooter 3: SWAT brings several new features and challenges to the Time Shooter series. The orange men have been identified as terrorists and it’s your mission to take them down and free the hostages.

What’s new in Time Shooter 3?
These porcelain pirates have acquired official SWAT gear like riot shields, helmets, and body armor. You’ll have to use your best tactical abilities to eliminate them and save the hostages, soldier. Break down the doors using a battering ram or shotgun and restore justice with body-shattering violence.

Time Shooter 3 Tips
Check your surroundings before you move
Plan what weapons you’re going to use
Use riot shields for extra protection
Pick the weapon best suited to each task
Epic slow-mo gunfights in 3D
Various weapons to do damage with
Several new features and challenges
Play for free in your web browser.


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