Bitlife is a real life simulation game where the player is put into the role of a person in a virtual society. The game starts at the player's birth and ends when they die. During the course of the game, the player will encounter events and decisions that play an important role in building his life.

The plot of Bitlife does not follow a fixed scenario, but depends on the choices and actions of the player. They can choose to go to school, find a job, raise a family, and even become a celebrity or criminal.

Some of the popular stories that players can experience in Bitlife include:

Build Success: Players can pursue a successful career and develop their talents in areas such as healthcare, education, business and the arts. They can advance at work, earn money and build a rich and successful life.

Adventure and discovery: Players can choose to travel, engage in adventurous activities, or explore the world. They can create memorable memories and go on unique adventures.

Build a family: Players can choose to get married, have children and build a family. They may be interested in parenting, relationship management, and creating a happy home environment.

Become a criminal: The player can also choose to become a criminal and enter the underworld. They can carry out criminal activities such as theft, drug dealing and murder. However, these decisions can lead to serious consequences such as arrest and premature end of life.


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