Subway Surfers



Subway Surfers is a fun and engaging floorboarding game, developed and published by Kiloo Games and SYBO Games in 2012. This game is available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone operating systems.

In Subway Surfers, players play as the main character - a graffiti boy named Jake. Jake is being chased by a dense police squad and their smart dog after being caught drawing graffiti on a subway train. The player's task is to help Jake dodge the obstacles, collect coins and score as high as possible while on the mission and escape from the chase.


Here are the basic playing keys in Subway Surfers on mobile:

Slide up and down to move up and down the tracks
Swipe left and right to move to either side of the track
Tap up to jump off the decks of ships or jump over obstacles.

Press and hold for a short time for Jake to overcome the obstacles without jumping
Long press to use the item
When jumping from a high platform, you can swipe down to slide on the road.

You play this game:

Left/right arrow - Move left/right
Up arrow - Jump
Down arrow - Roll
Space - Activate hoverboard


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