Among Us Online



Among Us Online is a popular and addictive game on mobile and computer platforms. This game is based on the space adventures and missions of the members of a spacecraft crew.

The game starts with a number of players ranging from 4 to 10, with some members being spies, called "Impostors". The Impostors' goal is to kill all remaining members while keeping their true identity a secret. Meanwhile, crew members, called "Crewmates", must complete missions and find out who the Impostor is to ensure everyone's safety.

The game takes place on a spaceship map with many different areas. Crewmates' tasks include repairing systems, operating machinery, cleaning pipes, and more. Each completed mission will bring points to the Crewmates.

Meanwhile, Impostors can kill Crewmates and create fake incidents to trick others. Impostor can move faster and use special skills such as making others think he is a Crewmate with the ability to transform.


The game is characterized by the identity-defining nature of Impostor, where each time a Crewmate is killed, the entire crew needs to hold a meeting to vote to eliminate the suspect player. The Crewmates' goal is to identify and eliminate all successful Impostors.

Among Us Online creates an exciting and tense interactive environment for players. The game combines cooperation and suspicion, as everyone can become an Impostor or Crewmate in each game. This creates difficult and challenging situations, and promotes players' strategic thinking and ability to collaborate.


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