Imposter Battle Royale



Imposter Battle Royale. is a game in the online battle royale game genre, inspired by the popular game (Among Us).

In this game, players will take on the role of a mysterious character and participate in the battle on a virtual deserted island with the goal of winning.

The game offers game modes such as solo, team (duo) or large squad (squad), in which players will confront each other directly to become the last survivor.

The lands in the game are colorful and creatively designed, and players can find weapons, items, and tools during gameplay to aid in survival and destruction of opponents.

Imposter Battle Royale. combines combat, quest and strategy elements, while creating a dramatic and engaging environment. This is an engaging and interesting game that many players love to participate in to experience the tension of life and death battle.


Move: WASD.
Enter/pick up: E.
Shoot: left mouse button.


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